Our Vision: Giving Best of Health & Beauty
We aim to be as ubiquitous as nature, as beautiful as nature and as pure as nature. Since at Jade, we believe that beauty is innate.

Drawing inspiration from the allurement of people and nature, our products are an ode to age-old natural remedies. Jade prides itself as a brand that’s committed to crafting the finest natural personal-care products. Our ingredients are ethically and naturally sourced and all our products are meticulously developed without the addition of harmful chemicals. We aim to empower consumers to choose the best for themselves by providing luxurious skincare that gives impeccable results each time. We cater towards all skin tones, textures and skin-types. Jade is a brand you can trust to soothe, nourish and invigorate your skin and body.


Our Story
As a venture that celebrates Dr. Merchant’s commitment and adoration for nature, Jade was founded in London in 2012. With his extensive experience in organic farming, Dr. Merchant went on to establish an ethical and organic-based cosmetic company – Jade


Our Commitment:
As responsible and conscientious citizens, our aim is to be the most ethical company in Pakistan. Jade’s long term purpose is to enrich our planet through naturally-made products and biodegradable materials.


Empower Our People:
An important pillar of our ethical values is giving back to the community. We believe in fair trade agreements with farmers, who are the backbone of our economy. We love and celebrate all skin tones. Every individual is innately beautiful and our line of natural products aims to promote self-love for all.


Empower Our Planet:
Jade is strongly against unethical practices and condemns animal testing. All our products are ethically sourced and cruelty free so you can be assured of the choices you’re making when placing your trust in our brand. The ingredients are nature-friendly and we’re working on being more and more sustainable for the environment. We love colors, we love the Earth and all that is within.