JADE Anti Acne Kit - JADE

JADE Anti Acne Kit

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  • Tea Tree Facewash
  • Rose Water
  • Sunscreen

The JADE Anti Acne Kit is a specialized skincare set that includes a Tea Tree Facewash, Rose Water, and Sunscreen. This kit is designed to combat acne and protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

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Customer Reviews

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Ayesha Riaz

Anti Acne Kit is best, The Tea Tree Facewash, Rose Water, and Sunscreen combo work wonders. My acne is reduced, and my skin feels protected. Great value at a discounted price

Fariha Jamal
Jade Anti Acne Kit

The Jade Anti Acne Kit has been a game-changer for my skin. Battling acne has always been a challenge, but this kit offers a holistic approach to acne care that truly works. Starting with the Tea Tree Facewash, which deeply cleanses and targets acne-causing bacteria, followed by the refreshing Rose Water that tones and soothes the skin. The inclusion of Sunscreen ensures that my skin is protected from harmful UV rays, preventing further damage. The combined effect of these products has not only reduced my acne but also improved the overall health and appearance of my skin. It's a comprehensive solution for anyone struggling with acne issues

Sara Iftikhar
Breakout Banisher

From the cleanser to the spot treatment, every product in this kit targets acne effectively. I finally feel confident in my skin

Asad Malik
Acne's Arch-Nemesis

I've tried countless products, but this kit truly stands out. My skin feels smoother, and the acne scars are fading.

Hina Farooq
Clear Skin Champion

The JADE Anti Acne Kit has been a lifesaver. In just a few weeks, my breakouts have reduced significantly.